Onsite Services


Component Coating and Repair Services’ on-site service are suited to plant equipment processing which cannot be moved due to size or fixed installation. Our typical customers are in the aerospace, oil, gas, chemical and power generation industries; covering MRO work (for example, aircraft and steam turbine repairs) but also welded structures such as bridges, storage vessels and damaged street furniture and other architectural applications. In addition, processing plants – such as steel and paper mills, mining facilities and food processing.

Our experienced teams will meet the same, stringent quality approvals and procedures followed in our own processing facilities to meet the customer’s industry specifications, reducing down time, reducing maintenance, logistic and shipping costs for oversize equipment. Our people can be mobilized at short notice anywhere worldwide.

Highly experienced site and field teams:

  • Blasting & surface preparation
  • Coating
  • Fatigue enhancements

Typical on-site repair work include:

  • Fatigue
  • Fretting fatigue
  • Cavitation corrosion
  • Forming or correcting shape of distorted components
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Corrosion generally
  • Exfoliation corrosion
  • Filiform corrosion