Component Coatings and Repair Services – Glasgow Division Approvals


BSI Approvals:

EN 9100:2018

Siemens Approvals:

Siemens Canada Approval

NADCAP Approvals:

Chemical Processing
Scope of Accreditation

Scope of Accreditation


Rolls Royce Approval Number: 88310
Rolls Royce Approval
Rolls Royce Approval Addendum

Precision Polishing
Control of Classified parts
RPS 26 – App 7 Stripping of Paint Finishes
RPS 320 Chemical Stripping Only
RPS 386 Abrasive Blasting
RPS 407/1 2 Part Hot Curing Epoxide Paste Adhesive to MSRR9016 (Class 2)
RPS 407/4 2 Part Cold Curing Epoxide Paste Adhesive to MSRR9024 (Class 3 only)
RPS 407/14 1 Part Cold Curing Silicone Rubber Adhesive to MSRR9146 (Class 3 only)
RPS 407/28 Resin Systems SV409 – 33/1091
RPS 436 Chemical Conversion Treatment of Aluminium
RPS 603 Diffusion Coating – MSRR1041
RPS 619 Compressor Airfoils Compressor Aerofoils – Super Polishing
RPS 661 (all sheets) Organic Barrier Coatings (inc. Dry Film Lubricants)
RPS 666 (Sht 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Application of Sacrificial Corrosion Resistant Coatings
953NN Coating Diffusion. Heat Tinting and paint stoving
RRP 51000 Cleaning & Degreasing using Trichloroethylene Solvent – Hot Liquid & Vapour
RRP 58003 FPI Penetrant Inspection (1A2 and 1D3)
RRP 58007
TSD594J, OP339 Diffusion Coating – MSRR1041
TSD 5945 OP104, OP359, OP121, OP349


Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG Approval Number: 106770/01

Rolls Royce Deutschland

Control of Classified Pats
Precision Polishing
RPS 26 apx 7,128,386,407/4/14/28, 436, 603, 619, 661/1/2/3/4/5/8,702,953

Rolls Royce Nuclear Sector – Submarines – Certificate No. 1000126

Rolls Royce Submarines
Rolls Royce Nuclear Sector Submarines

Application of Dry Film Lubricant MSRR9276

Rolls Royce Canada Ltd – Energy Business – Certificate No. 201275- E1

Rolls Royce Canada Energy Approval

RPS 661/1 Application of Sacrificial Corrosion Resistant Coatings (MSRR9140)

Rolls Royce Civil Aerospace – Approval No: 150900/01

Rolls Royce Civil Aerospace